Riyadh Declaration for Cybersecurity

February 5th, 2020

Under the gracious patronage of the Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the first Global Cybersecurity Forum was held on the 4th and 5th of February in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The participants at the forum expressed their gratitude for the great efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the success of the forum.

We, the Global Cybersecurity Forum, recognize the immense economic and social development opportunities of connected global systems and rapidly evolving technologies. We also recognize that, as technological advancement creates exciting and new opportunities, it also introduces complex cybersecurity challenges and risks at the individual, organizational, national, and global levels.

Therefore, we affirm our willingness to act collaboratively to address the shared challenges and seize the opportunities found within the cyber world. We recognize and appreciate current and past contributions in this regard. In this context, we value the two initiatives of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz that were announced throughout this forum and related to the protection of children in Cyberspace, and enabling the role of women in cyber.

Based on the fruitful discussions throughout the forum’s sessions, we concluded the following objectives and recommendations, with the aim of collaboratively joining efforts for a better cyber world for all:

The forum is committed to supporting following objectives

  1. To promote a thriving cybersecurity industry that fosters innovation and investment to address evolving cybersecurity risks.
  2. To foster a capable cybersecurity workforce that can respond to the demands of a technology-centric economy, emphasizing the importance of elevating the role of Women in Cyber.
  3. To cultivate cyber aware communities, empower key stakeholders, cooperate, and joint action to combat the various types of cybercrimes, focusing on means to raise Safe Children in the Cyber World.
  4. To enhance global cybersecurity resilience in order to mitigate cybersecurity risks, leveraging emerging technologies and public-private partnerships.
  5. To advance inclusive cybersecurity capacity building at the global level through international collaboration, focusing cybersecurity capacity building for emerging economies.

The forum encourages the following recommendations to achieve its objectives

  1. Thriving Cybersecurity Industry

    We recognize the need to continue developing the global cybersecurity industry, and its potential to effectively address the rapidly evolving cybersecurity risks of the current and future eras. We also recognize that the growing cybersecurity industry has the immense challenge of innovating to stay ahead of a continuously evolving and complex global economic landscape. Based on that, we endorse the following:

    • We encourage incentives that promote business development and entrepreneurship to grow the global cybersecurity industry.
    • We encourage the provision of technical, financial, and mentorship support to emerging cybersecurity businesses, especially to micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises.
    • We encourage collaboration between relevant stakeholders in industry, academia, and government, particularly taking the form of public-private partnerships, to pursue R&D of innovative approaches, products, and tools in cybersecurity.
    • We endorse industry incentives that direct more resources towards cybersecurity R&D and innovation.
  2. Capable Cybersecurity Workforce

    We highlight the need to increase the supply and enhance the quality of cybersecurity skills in the global cyber workforce to meet current and future demands. We also emphasize the importance of bridging the gender gap in cyber workforce. In this context, we endorse the following:

    • We aim to continuously enhance academic cybersecurity paths for higher education, and professional training to maintain a future-ready cyber workforce that is capable of dealing with cybersecurity challenges.
    • We endorse the development of reskilling and upskilling opportunities for individuals employed in cybersecurity and tech-related fields to ensure the development of new skills, adaptation to global technological advancement, and advancement of cybersecurity expertise.
    • We aim to provide wider access to quality education and training to individuals around the world, including individuals in emerging economies.
    • We support global growth of Women in Cyber, where women cyber leaders serve as role models and mentors to peers and future generations seeking to advance cybersecurity, unlock opportunities in the field, and bridge the gender gap.
  3. Cyber Aware Communities

    We recognize that cybersecurity is a whole-of-nation effort where personal accountability plays a critical role in cybersecurity at home and in the workplace. Based on that, we endorse the following:

    • We aim to spread public awareness on cybersecurity hygiene and encourage responsible behavior in cyberspace through the rollout of related public campaigns.
    • We encourage targeted engagement efforts in major public and private sector organizations to promote cybersecurity awareness.
    • We aim to offer more cybersecurity awareness programs to key stakeholders (youth, instructors, policymakers, etc.) in order to educate them about the latest cyber threats and equip them with best safety practices to raise Safe Children in the Cyber World.
  4. Global Cybersecurity Resilience

    We acknowledge the importance of raising the resilience of cybersecurity globally, in light of the increasing digital transformation and the widespread use of emerging and interconnected technologies across cyberspace, which touches the lives of societies such as medical services, telecommunications services, e-commerce, and the related areas to sensitive infrastructure, and accordingly:

    • We aim to enhance the resilience of critical infrastructure and collaborate globally to strengthen cybersecurity practices and risk management.
    • We encourage efforts to undertake information sharing across governments and industry globally.
    • We welcome the use of emerging technologies for cybersecurity enhancement as well as deployment of secure-by-design principles in the development of new infrastructures.
    • We favor international collaboration over competition to enhance the global cyber resilience of critical infrastructure.
  5. Inclusive Cybersecurity Capacity Building

    We recognize that in a cyber world driven and connected by technologies, cybersecurity risks cross boundaries and borders. Based on that, we endorse the following:

    • We welcome and encourage countries, organizations, and individuals to collaborate in strengthening global cybersecurity.
    • We encourage the global community to take necessary actions to develop laws that could keep pace with the rapid changes in the cyber space and the technology advancements to secure the global community against cross border cybercrimes, and deal with their legal challenges.
    • We encourage the provision of support to countries with limited cybersecurity capabilities and the advancement of partnerships across regions.
    • We emphasize the importance of cybersecurity capacity building for emerging economies in many forms, such as concerted advisory support, the open exchange of best practices, and human capital development.
    • We emphasize the importance of scientific and research collaboration as well as knowledge exchange in order to perform better practices in cybersecurity.

We affirm our belief in the potential for a thriving cybersecurity industry and its workforce, responsible cyber communities, enhanced cyber resilience, and inclusive cybersecurity capacity building to positively shape the state of cybersecurity globally. To act on this belief, we emphasize the importance of making the Global Cybersecurity Forum a recurring event to act as a platform to exchange ideas, experiences, and to launch initiatives that strengthen global cybersecurity. In addition, we want to facilitate international cooperation and collaboration in the public and private sectors. We do appreciate the efforts of the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the success of this first forum. We look forward to conduct it in Riyadh periodically in the future to support collaboration on cybersecurity and partnership between multiple stakeholders, in the pursuit of a better cyber world for all.

Riyadh, February 5th 2020

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