The Global Cybersecurity Forum

About The Global Cybersecurity Forum:

The Global Cybersecurity Forum (GCF) is an action and initiative oriented global platform for policymakers, governments, business, cybersecurity leaders, academia and NGOs to establish new partnerships and establish meaningful dialogue on key global cybersecurity issues.

Designed to promote collaboration and to share best practice from across the value chain on tackling current and emerging global cyber threats, GCF leverages multi-disciplinary thinking to promote and achieve enhanced global cyber resilience.

In February 2022, we look forward to once again hosting the GCF in person in Riyadh, under the theme: Rethinking the Global Cyber Order. This theme conveys the intent of this year’s event to center on critical consideration of the truly global, multi-actor, and complex multi-sector nature of cyberspace, including the opportunities and challenges within. The program content is weighted toward a central focus on the root challenge in cybersecurity – the absence of a shared understanding of behavior and activities in the cyber domain in which states, businesses, and ill-intentioned actors all interact.



Global Cybersecurity Forum 2022

1-2 Feb, 2022

King Abdul Aziz International Conference Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


About the National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA):

The National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) was established in 2017 by a Royal Order that links it directly to His Majesty The King.


NCA is the government entity in charge of cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia and it serves as the national authority on its affairs. It has both regulatory and operational functions related to cybersecurity and it works closely with public and private entities to improve the cybersecurity posture of the country in order to safeguard its vital interests, national security, critical infrastructures, high-priority sectors, government services and activities.

National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA)